Mulberry Leaf Tea 30T | Fearless Force

  • Original Korean Mulberry Tea | Our 'Fearless Force' decaf tea bags only made of 100% Korean mulberry leaf with rich minerals and aminosan You can enjoy natural pure mulberry leaf aroma.
  • Oriental Urban Remedy | Mulberry Leaf is famous as colon cleanser blood sugar balance boost glucose control body cleanse detox like burdock root tea guava leaves artichoke tea bitter melon tea.
  • Tasting Note | If you like pure leaf tea like banaba leaf tea guava leaf tea mullein leaf tea hojicha tea kukicha tea You will love our Mulberry Leaf Tea too, they share hebaly refreshing aroma.
  • How to drink | Steep into 250~500ml hot water for 5 mins, enjoy daily white mulberry leaf tea as gluco down tea digestive tea colon cleanse tea smooth move tea sugar balance tea.
  • DALAMHARI Korean Superfood Tea | We study traditional korean ingredients and elaborate their potential. Find full collection burdock root jerusalem artichokes guava leaves corn silk tea barley tea.

1. Korean Superfoods
Ancient Koreans used natural ingredients to cure disease. Taking over old man’s wisdom, we decided to call them K-Superfood.

2. Single Ingredients
SUPER TEA consists of 100% high quality single ingredient from Korea. Only
One ingredient is used!

3. All Natural :
NO Sugar, Preservatives & Artificial Additives

1. Hot Water
Pour hot water about 80℃ to the cup
2. Steep and Wait
Steep the tea bag into the cup and wait for 2~3 minutes
3. Enjoy
Throw away the tea bag and enjoy every sip

Feature of Korean Mulberry Leaf Tea

What is it?

Mulberry Leaf

High in vitamin C, antioxidants & fiber. It has been used as natural colon tea to manage pressure, sugar & heart in Korea for a long time.

Make healthy & peaceful daily habits with carefully picked Mulberry Leaves.

With decent herbal aroma, cleanse your heart & body.

Korean Mulberry Leaf

4 Things to check out on Super Tea!

HACCP Certified clean & safe kombucha tea
Carefully Produced

With our experts, every products are made under HACCP Certified clean & safe production.

Single ingredient of Mulberry Leaf
Nothing but mulberry leaves

Consist of 100% Single Ingredient from South Korea. No additives, No preservatives. Nothing else but only one ingredient.

Food Grade Triangle Teabags
Food Grade Triangle Teabags

Food Grade Triangle Teabags for better & safe infusion.

Caffeine-free tea
Caffeine free

Caffeine-free tea to enjoy anytime of the day.

BEST ways to enjoy Dalamhari SUPER TEA

Infuse the tea for 3-5 minutes with hot water

Infuse the tea for 3-5 minutes with hot water to extract the full flavor and optimum benefit.

Add some sugar, honey or ginger.
2. ADD

Add some sugar, honey or ginger. Make your own SUPER TEA.

Put ice cubes for perfectly cool iced tea
3. ICE

Put ice cubes into infused tea for perfectly cool iced tea.

Start Super Teatime, Stop caffeine drinks

Make healthy peaceful daily habits
Empty your cup, Enrich the body and soul.


Our premium super tea is 100% made from KOREA which has ancient tea-growing history. Source only top quality ingredients & Produce at strictly controlled HACCP Certified facility.

Yes! (Ssap-Ga-Neung). Our SUPER TEA is caffeine free, no sugar, no artificial additives , no preservative pure mild tea, as you can enjoy at bedtime.

Ancient Koreans used natural ingredients to cure disease. Using burdock root, jerusalem artichoke, jujube, mulberry leaf, guava leaf, pine needle, pumpkin, chrysanthemum, bitter melons to natural treatment. We decided to call them K-Superfood.

DALAMHARI supports Eco-Conscious consuming life style! Unnecessary waste was reduced and packaging was minimized. As the bags are made with a resealable zipper, you can use easily and comfortably for a long time.