1. Introduction dalamhari places the highest priority on protecting customer and business partner data and respecting privacy. This policy guides our data processing practices and clarifies our responsibilities by complying with all relevant laws and regulatory requirements.
  2. Scope This policy applies to all dalamhari departments and employees, as well as third-party service providers. It applies to all data managed by dalamhari, especially information from customers and business partners.
  3. Data Protection Principles dalamhari adheres to the following data protection principles:
    • Legality, fairness, and transparency: All data processing must be lawful, fair, and transparent to the data subject.
    • Purpose limitation: Data is collected for clear and lawful purposes only and is not processed when not necessary for those purposes.
    • Data minimization: The data collected is limited to what is necessary for the purposes of processing.
    • Accuracy: Data must be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.
    • Storage limitation: Personal data is not stored for longer than is necessary for the stated purposes.
    • Integrity and confidentiality: Data is protected from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, or damage through appropriate security measures.
  4. Data Protection Measures
    • Data access control: Access to data is strictly limited, and data access rights are kept to the minimum necessary for work.
    • Data transfer security: Data must be encrypted during transmission, and sharing with third parties must be under strict contractual conditions.
    • Data storage and retention: Data is stored securely and safely disposed of once legal retention periods expire.
    • Security breach management: Immediate action is taken in the event of a suspected or discovered security breach, and relevant authorities and customers are notified if necessary.
    • Responsibility and education: All employees are educated about the importance of data protection and are responsible for complying with this policy.
    • Audit and evaluation: Regular audits assess and improve the effectiveness of data protection practices.
  5. Policy Compliance All employees and contractors must comply with this data protection policy. Violations of the policy may result in immediate investigation and, if necessary, disciplinary action.
  6. Policy Revision This policy is periodically reviewed and updated as necessary in response to changes in laws, regulatory requirements, technology advancements, or business practices.
  7. Contact If you have any questions or concerns about data protection, please contact [Data Protection Officer : Jaeeun Lee +82-507-0178-7649].