Kombucha Drinks

Better sparkles from superfruits

Korean Kombucha
Korean Kombucha

Mushroom Coffee

Coffee with Benefits

Korean Mushroom Coffee Latte
Korean Mushroom Coffee

Superfood Tea

The oriental remedy from nature

Korean superfood tea
Korean super tea
Refreshing with Korean Kombucha Tea
Refreshing Kombucha
 Omija(Schisandra Berry) Kombucha Powder
Berry Kombucha
Maesil(Green Plum) Kombucha Powder
Green Plum Kombucha
Korean Mushroom Coffee Latte Blend
Mushroom Coffee
Korean Super Matcha Latte Powder with Mugwort
Mugwort & Matcha
Korean Matcha Latte and Chai Latte
Instant Superfood Latte
Teatox with Korean Super Tea
Everyday Teatox with Super Tea!
Slimming Detox with Korean Pumpkin Tea
Slimming Detox
Warming Relax with Korean Jujube Tea
Warming Relaxer
Toxins Cleanser with Korean Bitter Melon Tea
Toxins Cleanser
Balancing Soother with Jerusalem Artichoke Tea
Balancing Soother
Better Healthy Life with Korean Super Tea
Make every sip Better with Super Tea!


Korean Jujube Tea benefits

Jujube fruit, red date is weet small tree fruit. Well-known as its natural sweet aroma, chewy texture & medicinal benefits. It contains rich vitamins & high dietary fiber that prescribed for Warming Body & Anxiety Relief.

Omija(Schisandra Berry) Kombucha Powder

Kombucha is a naturally fermented fizzy sweetness tea, which is healthy and delicious! With our Super Kombucha, it’s even better, as we’ve blended it with Omija, Schisandra berry which has full of adaptogen!!

Oriental Remedy

Dongui Bogam is Korean traditional secret recipe, compiled by the royal physician, Heo Jun. Ancients Koreans used natural ingredients recognized in modern medical science and nutrition to cure disease.

Korean Super Kombucha on Wadiz Funding

The first Korean superfood project has been successfully launched on crowdfunding, more than 2500% of target amonut. Thank you so much your our supporters!

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